✖«drowning while I fall» PSYCHEDELIC HEROINE (nachtgrau) wrote in juuran_circus,
✖«drowning while I fall» PSYCHEDELIC HEROINE

KOJINSEI muse bases non au rpg

Posting with mod permission :>!

is a muse based non au roleplay, open for all asian entertainers.
We focus on social interaction and developement of muses, trying to give them a comfortable and safe home.
All kinds of rpers are welcome, no matter if beginners or veterans.
With a lot of muses still open to be claimed, we welcome everybody to our community to enjoy their time, and even be offered a helping hand if needed.

We're looking especially for KurT since we have a lonely Ryouki muse in the community !
info & rules / faq & extended rules / claims & holds / moderator contact
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